Below some video clips of the Seaford Ukelele Band playing in the garden in June 2019.

"A year in the garden"
September 2015 to November 2016

A month of cleaning: November 2016 Shape of things to come: November 2016 And a month of bulb planting: November 2016
Last of the cutting patch flowers: November 2016 Garden apprentice keeping an eye of the propogation: November 2016 New projects, major revamp of front garden: November 2016
Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness: October 2016 Still going strong £2.99 from Morrisons: October 2016 Amistad: October 2016
Greenhouse emptied, cleaned and fumigated: October2016 Aeonium cuttings for 2017 plant sales: October 2016 Our first grape harvest: October 2016
Gaura in flower from May until October: September 2016 Banana put of 5 ft growth in 3 months: September 2016 Lemon Crocosmia: September 2016
Top up of garden inspiration in Lyon: September 2016 Garden education at Domaine Royale: September 2016 More inspiration in France: September 2016
Imperial lilies: August 2016 First canna: August 2016 More exotics: August 2016
The Exotics: August 2016 Frothy cutting garden: August 2016 Blooming marvelous: August 2016
Sweet Peas , 'Here come the girls': July 2016 The long border: July 2016 Agapanthus: July 2016
Anyone for tea? July 2016 The courtyard: July 2016 Lavender shortbread for the sales area: July 2016
Welcome to the garden: June 2016 The first cucumber of the season, children allowed to pick one from the greenhouse: June 2016 Gazebo ready to greet younger visitors with drawing and craft materials: June 2016
New sign above the Alpines: June 2016 Annuals beginning to burgeon: June 2016 Dogs on leads welcome in the garden: June 2016
Delights from the new cutting beds: June 2016 Zandeschia flowered for 3 months: June 2016 Book sales and gate open to receive first visitors of the season: June 2016
Tea table set for first open garden of 2016: June 2016 New signs arrive: June 2016 Shrubs now in full leaf: June 2016
Carnival de Nice just showing off: May 2016 Camassia a first for us: May 2016 Start of preserve making for lunches, Plum & Ginger Chutney: May 2016
These flowered from May & are still in full flower in November: May 2016 Plant sales area moved to create more space: May 2016 Tulips from the cutting garden still blooming: May 2016
More tulips: April 2016 The first Cupani Sweet peas planted out: April 2016
New seating area in the Long border: April 2016 Delightful deep yellow in this cream variety: April 2016 Tulips are great in pots when flowering finished they make way for summer bedding: April 2016
Woodland tulips in the sunshine: April 2016 New dwarf tulip: April 2016 The start of a month of colour with Angelique: April 2016
Forget me nots peeping through: March 2016 Spring garden bursting into flower: March 2016 Primroses self seeded in bark under the trees: March 2016
Second sewing of Cupani sweet peas: March 2016 First of 3 new raised beds for the cutting garden: March 2016
Ricinus germinating in a propagator: February 2016 Even the greenhouse floor needed for propagation: February 2016 Hellebores in full flower: February 2016
Patio and raised bed finished and planted with Portugese Laurel: February 2016 More seeds arrive from lovely Ben at Higgledy seeds: February 2016
First Tulips: January 2016 Nice flower market: January 2016 Finding inspiration in French gardens: January 2016
Winter beds in Nice: January 2016
Festive wreath with flowers from Nice market: December 2015 A well earned rest in France:
December 2015
Fence replaced, raised bed and patio taking shape: December 2015
Old hedge removed and fencing taken out: November 2015 Building materials for new paved patio: November 2015 Cut flowers brightening a dull month: November 2015
Major renovation on the back patio begins: November 2015 Mountains of compost: November 2015 Aeoniums put to bed for the winter: November 2015
Birthday rose, flowered from May until November: October 2015 Heavily scented ginger in the greenhouse: October 2015
Some new gluten free cookies: October 2015 Enlarged cutting garden, planning the raised beds: October 2015 Flowers from the new cutting bed: October 2015
Datura: September 2015 Salvia cuttings for plant sales: September 2015
Harvest time: September 2015 Nerine: September 2015 Splitting hardy perennials: September 2015
Pleased that our garden was awarded a prize during M&G small garden competition.
Hot bed, Summer 2015 Spring 2016 Courtyard 2015
Summer 2015 Winter 2013 Winter 2013
Spring 2016 Tulip 2015 Long Border 2015
Page 1 of Sussex Life magazine feature in July 2014 Page 2 of Sussex Life magazine feature in July 2014 Page 3 of Sussex Life magazine feature in July 2014
Sweet Peas 2015