Revamping the garden in 2020

Major revamp: May Digging out the foundations Ready for planting
Spring A delicate operation Emergency fleece - late frost
Courtyard replant Seed sowing in the cutting patch All finished, planting begun
Planting into membrane Finished All done
Plant deliveries in lockdown Succulents, multiplying Plant pot appeal for sales
Tulip bakeri lilac wonder Wonderful echium Aeonium for plant sales
Tree blossom Cutting beds Early blues
Birds of joy from Paul Cox Getting ready for National Garden Scheme opening The fashion accessory of 2020
Socially distanced tea on the deck Trying a new cake for 2021 A great year for roses
Gertrude Jekyll Bee caviar The blue corner
St Swithun Ginger Grasses
More ginger

Below some video clips of the Seaford Ukelele Band playing in the garden in June 2019.

"A year in the garden"
September 2015 to November 2016

A month of cleaning: November 2016 Shape of things to come: November 2016 And a month of bulb planting: November 2016
Last of the cutting patch flowers: November 2016 Garden apprentice keeping an eye of the propogation: November 2016 New projects, major revamp of front garden: November 2016
Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness: October 2016 Still going strong £2.99 from Morrisons: October 2016 Amistad: October 2016
Greenhouse emptied, cleaned and fumigated: October2016 Aeonium cuttings for 2017 plant sales: October 2016 Our first grape harvest: October 2016
Gaura in flower from May until October: September 2016 Banana put of 5 ft growth in 3 months: September 2016 Lemon Crocosmia: September 2016
Top up of garden inspiration in Lyon: September 2016 Garden education at Domaine Royale: September 2016 More inspiration in France: September 2016
Imperial lilies: August 2016 First canna: August 2016 More exotics: August 2016
The Exotics: August 2016 Frothy cutting garden: August 2016 Blooming marvelous: August 2016
Sweet Peas , 'Here come the girls': July 2016 The long border: July 2016 Agapanthus: July 2016
Anyone for tea? July 2016 The courtyard: July 2016 Lavender shortbread for the sales area: July 2016
Welcome to the garden: June 2016 The first cucumber of the season, children allowed to pick one from the greenhouse: June 2016 Gazebo ready to greet younger visitors with drawing and craft materials: June 2016
New sign above the Alpines: June 2016 Annuals beginning to burgeon: June 2016 Dogs on leads welcome in the garden: June 2016
Delights from the new cutting beds: June 2016 Zandeschia flowered for 3 months: June 2016 Book sales and gate open to receive first visitors of the season: June 2016
Tea table set for first open garden of 2016: June 2016 New signs arrive: June 2016 Shrubs now in full leaf: June 2016
Carnival de Nice just showing off: May 2016 Camassia a first for us: May 2016 Start of preserve making for lunches, Plum & Ginger Chutney: May 2016
These flowered from May & are still in full flower in November: May 2016 Plant sales area moved to create more space: May 2016 Tulips from the cutting garden still blooming: May 2016
More tulips: April 2016 The first Cupani Sweet peas planted out: April 2016
New seating area in the Long border: April 2016 Delightful deep yellow in this cream variety: April 2016 Tulips are great in pots when flowering finished they make way for summer bedding: April 2016
Woodland tulips in the sunshine: April 2016 New dwarf tulip: April 2016 The start of a month of colour with Angelique: April 2016
Forget me nots peeping through: March 2016 Spring garden bursting into flower: March 2016 Primroses self seeded in bark under the trees: March 2016
Second sewing of Cupani sweet peas: March 2016 First of 3 new raised beds for the cutting garden: March 2016
Ricinus germinating in a propagator: February 2016 Even the greenhouse floor needed for propagation: February 2016 Hellebores in full flower: February 2016
Patio and raised bed finished and planted with Portugese Laurel: February 2016 More seeds arrive from lovely Ben at Higgledy seeds: February 2016
First Tulips: January 2016 Nice flower market: January 2016 Finding inspiration in French gardens: January 2016
Winter beds in Nice: January 2016
Festive wreath with flowers from Nice market: December 2015 A well earned rest in France:
December 2015
Fence replaced, raised bed and patio taking shape: December 2015
Old hedge removed and fencing taken out: November 2015 Building materials for new paved patio: November 2015 Cut flowers brightening a dull month: November 2015
Major renovation on the back patio begins: November 2015 Mountains of compost: November 2015 Aeoniums put to bed for the winter: November 2015
Birthday rose, flowered from May until November: October 2015 Heavily scented ginger in the greenhouse: October 2015
Some new gluten free cookies: October 2015 Enlarged cutting garden, planning the raised beds: October 2015 Flowers from the new cutting bed: October 2015
Datura: September 2015 Salvia cuttings for plant sales: September 2015
Harvest time: September 2015 Nerine: September 2015 Splitting hardy perennials: September 2015
Pleased that our garden was awarded a prize during M&G small garden competition.
Hot bed, Summer 2015 Spring 2016 Courtyard 2015
Summer 2015 Winter 2013 Winter 2013
Spring 2016 Tulip 2015 Long Border 2015
Page 1 of Sussex Life magazine feature in July 2014 Page 2 of Sussex Life magazine feature in July 2014 Page 3 of Sussex Life magazine feature in July 2014
Sweet Peas 2015